Gayathri Venkataraghavan


The road well taken

Chennai-based vocalist Gayathri Venkataraghavan on a career that came about by chance but is maintained by effort Like many children, Gayathri Venkataraghavan too took to music at a young age, rather by force of her parents. Her parents were very serious in imparting Carnatic music to the child and even[…]

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Charm of rare kritis

Lalitha Kala Vedika had organised a concert on Annamacharya kritis. Gayathri Venkataraghavan’s concert for Lalitha Kala Vedika was based on the compositions of 15th century composer Annamacharya, an ardent devotee of the Lord of Seven Hills. His compositions, made popular by musicians, have pallavi with several charanams without anupallavi. …read[…]

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