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Interview with Gayathri Venkataraghavan

Highlights of Isai Peroli Smt. Gayathri Venkatraghavan’s fall 2014 concerts by Usha Ramachandran

It was a musical extravaganza in Bridgewater, NJ (Sep 6) and Richmond, VA (Sep 7). It was a longing 3 hours of non-stop soul touching musical experience for NJ & VA rasikas. As requested by Kalaimamani KN Shashikiran, the Kutcheri began with a GNB’s Ambal varnam in Ranjani (Amboruha Padame) while Pahi Sripathe in Hamsadhvani by Swati Tirunal marked the beginning of the concert in Richmond, VA. The main highlight in both the concerts was the RTP’s. At Richmond, the RTP in Kharaharapriya, Sama and Bilahari and Mamava Meenakshi (Dikshithar) in Varali also captured the attention of the audience. There was a virutham on Lord Muruga for the Richmond rasikas in Amruthavarshini and Behag. As a special request from the NJ audience, Smt.Gayathri sang a rare Dikshitar’s composition in Suruti ragam. In VA, the curtains were brought down with a Vivadhi request.

Other songs that stormed Richmond,VA:

Dinamani Vamsa – Harikamboji

Sashi Vadana – Chandrajothi

Srinivasa Ninne – Anandabhairavi

Balakrishnan Patham – Dhanyasi

Sripathe Neepada – Naaga Swaraavali

More from the artist:

Usage of rare ragams in your kutcheri

I always have one rare ragam included in every Kutcheri either as an alapana or in any other form.

Ideal concert format for lay listeners

I go by Traditional method with 1 varnam, 1 Vinayaka song, 3 ragas for alapana & neraval in the first half then in the main piece, 1 major composition of atleast one of the Trinities or a RTP as a main piece. I always like to sings neravals. Click here to read the rest of the interview with the artist.