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On A Musical Plane with the Wright Brothers

On A Musical Plane with the Wright Brothers

Baltimore to Colombus

From Baltimore we flew to Columbus . Columbus Carnatic Music Association CCMA is run by a band of dedicated arst enthusiasts. Shankar Ramachandran and his team were wonderful hosts. We were fortunate to sing before Smt. Trivandrum Seethalakshmi, senior disciple of Semmangudi mama.

On request we sang Sri Chamundeswari in Bilahari for the sub main and Janani mamava in Bhairavi for the main song. Thanam with Mridangam preceeded the kriti.

Columbus to Dayton

Dayton was the next stop. We drove to Dayton with Shankar Ramachandran. The concert was at the temple and we sang Lathangi with Venkataramana in the first half and Palinchu Kamakshi in Madhyamavathi as the center piece.

We visited the Ohio Caverns where nature has played wonders for centuries. The formations below the earth in the caves was stunning to say the least. A drop of water every other minute can creates wonders if given time and uninterrupted space!!!

Dayton is a city of many firsts. This is the birth place of the Wright Brothers and also where the ATM was invented.

The Wright Brothers lived here and owned a cycle shop. They conducted all their experiments with flying here. They chose to try out one of the earlier flights from Kitty Hawk but that was about it. All the preparation and later additions were made in Dayton.

We visited the Air and Space Museum named after the Wright Brothers. This was possible because of the keen interest Srikanth has in visiting historic places and Mr. Ravikumar of Dayton.

The World War airplanes captured our imagination. The stories that surround the world war and the unique tale that each aircraft carried were mesmerizing. There was this interesting story of world war pilots on a do or die mission who were allowed to paint their airplanes as this was their only refuge in the time of war, and they came up with interesting paintings to make the aircraft their own. The guide told us about how some soldiers put in time and effort to paint their aircraft , only to know that they had to fly another vehicle. When everything dear to them was far away, and their own lives hung in the balance, the soldiers were desperate to have one last thing they could call their own, and that was their identity that could be marked on an airplane. We also witnessed part of an air show there.

Excited to visit the first air field/airport of the world. Hundreds of flying enthusiasts came from across the globe to learn flying from the Wright Brothers in this airfield.

It was humbling to stand there in the field where man’s first successful experiment with flight began. Personally, the idea that two men who worked in a cycle repair shop were the first men to fly in the sky is a thought that motivates one to Sky High Dreams…

Dayton to Indianpolis

From city to city we are always taken in by the passion that a core group of rasikas have in organizing concerts so that the next generation could have a feel of all that’s Indian through music and other art forms. The Indian-American community is truly an inspiring group of people who strive to ensure their Indian identity remains embedded through music and art in the generations to come.